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Is It Possible to Eat Better on a Budget?

If I were to immediately say yes, this would be the shortness (and most boring) blog post known to mankind. So I will say no, no it is not. But keep reading, and I will let you in on how u can come close…very close...

We’ve all heard that we should “stay out of the center of the store” while going grocery shopping. I like to say that “there’s life found on the outskirts, and our food should be full of life”. Boxed goods have been proven to contain the most additives and preservatives WITHOUT ADDING TO OR PRESERVING OUR LIVES!


You have $20 in your wallet with a family of four to feed. Go grab a pound of ground turkey for approximately $5 which will produce 4 turkey burger patties. Now, head on over to the produce section where you will pick up a 5 pound bag of potatoes (grab 1 onion if you like your home fries with a little flair). One head of lettuce and a tomato will find their way into your basket as well. A loaf of bread or a package of hamburger buns will round out the perfect "fast food" meal served at home!

The moral of the scenario is this: the same $20 that you work so hard for can be utilized just as easily in the grocery store as it can at your local fast food restaurant. The healthier version of a burger and fries was achieved by shopping on the perimeter of you favorite grocery store!

The truth is a hard pillow to swallow.

As a medical professional, I am telling you are most certainly setting yourself up for either failure of success by what you choose to put in your mouth.

Total You Health & Wellness can assist you in making wiser choices to invest in you most important asset, your emotional and physical well-being. Meal planning PDFs will help you in achieving fast and budget-friendly meals that will assist you in achieving optimal wellness that is tailored to you. You want to be well don't you?

What you eat and drink plays an integral role in how you look and how you feel! With Total You Health & Wellness Holistic Nutrition Consulting sessions are available for clients wanting to improve their physical health. A few of the many topics covered include Diet & Detoxification, Diabetes Management, Macro Nutrition, Hypertension, Digestive Wellness, Healthy Cooking/Meal Planning, and Dietary Sensitivity.

Hold yourself accountable and get busy getting well.

Maybe you aren't forced to deal with health issues or food sensitivities, but just need a little pick me up...a restart of some kind. With every change in behavior comes new information and new ideas! Wellness Coaching offers a solution to the everyday battle that is maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Real guidance is available for real people on real budgets!

Be sure to comment below on some challenges you have faced while balancing your health on a budget!

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