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About Total You

“I believe that there is no cookie cutter way to address the needs of the various cultures in our society. Each client should be treated as an individual, and their wellness plan of care should reflect as such.”

                                       Desha Long


Diabetes Management

Emotional Clearing

Macro Nutrition

Diet & Detoxification

Wellness Coaching

Food Allergies & Intolerance

Holistic Nutrition Consulting

Health Cooking/ Meal Planning

Meet Desha


Desha S. Long MSN, BSN, RN is a Registered Nurse and Certified Wellness Coach who specializes in Naturopathy (also called naturopathic care) which is a medical philosophy that combines traditional practices and holistic health care approaches. Total You Health and Wellness was created by way of her genuine passion for the wellbeing of the members of her community. In addition, she wanted to be of assistance to individuals who want to live healthier lives, but lack the information to do as such. As a practitioner in the field of comprehensive health care, she believes that a healthy mind creates a healthy body, with wellness being the goal, and preventative care the means by which it must be achieved!

Established in 2019, Total You Health and Wellness works within the belief that you are the key to unlocking a healthier and happier version of yourself! Comprehensive care is achieved within a holistic approach and the knowledge that well-being comes from a combination of physical, mental and spiritual health while taking social and cultural factors into consideration. Total You Health and Wellness is a no judgement zone where clients can feel safe knowing their privacy and confidentiality are being protected. In addition, we respect our client’s lifestyle and cultural norms, and wish to assist them in tailoring a specific wellness plan as unique as they are!
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