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We take pride in assisting you with a comprehensive approach in achieving your highest level of mental, physical, and emotional fitness with the ultimate goal being total health, total wellness, and a total you!
Healthy Starts Here


Established in 2019, Total You Health and Wellness works within the belief that you are the key to unlocking a healthier and happier version of yourself! Comprehensive care is achieved within a holistic approach and the knowledge that well-being comes from a combination of physical, mental and spiritual health while taking social and cultural factors into consideration. Total You Health and Wellness is a no judgement zone where clients can feel safe knowing their privacy and confidentiality are being protected. In addition, we respect our client’s lifestyle and cultural norms, and wish to assist them in tailoring a specific wellness plan as unique as they are!

Recipes & Tips

What you eat and drink plays an integral role in how you look and how you feel! Holistic Nutrition Consulting sessions are available for clients wanting to improve their physical health. A few of the many topics covered include  Diet & Detoxification, Diabetes Management, Macro Nutrition, Hypertension, Digestive Wellness, Healthy Cooking/Meal Planning, and Dietary Sensitivity.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Wellness Coaching 

Emotional Clearing is the first step in achieving optimal mental fitness! Wellness Coaching sessions are available for clients wanting to improve their emotional health. A few of the many topics covered include Coping with Stress, Grief and Loss, Relationships, Prosperity, Concentration and Focus, and Self-Esteem. Sessions include free wellness PDF guides.

Healthy is the new happy, so invest in your happiness today!

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